Life here in Humboldt can be hectic. Who owns and runs this place anyway?The local media has little true voice to help us common folk,neither do our elected officials. The best of both are afraid to do anything,they get mobbed when they try to.This is a chance for honest and open dialogue.I would prefer to stay on cue with local jargon,but slipping to other venues never hurts.Despite what some folks tend to believe,national decisions can wreak havoc on our community.Stay informed.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Humboldt County Election Advisory Committee

The HCEAC meets on the first Thursday of every month at the Humboldt County courthouse conference room A at 6:30.Topics on this months agenda include: mail in voting only for the June primary(in order to satisfy out non-compliance with the Help America Vote Act), the certification process for vote-pad(highly recommended by the disabled community),and a general discussion on local campaign financing(not the HCCR initiative in particular). But the main part of the meeting will be a presentation by our election department manager Lyndsey McWilliams,in which he will talk about the nuts and bolts about voter registration,precincting,and creating ballots,etc. We encourage massive public participation.Please attend,and encourage others to do the same.

the balloon track

At the last eureka city council meeting,the group voted to delay accepting the offer from the Board of Supes,and their support of a $55,000 grant from the headwaters fund. At first,I had hoped that they would take it,but looking back,I am glad they didn't.Something smells fishy about why the Board of Supes would offer it.Actually the headwaters group hasn't even formally endorsed it(I don't think).I am just wary of their intentions.Why didn't they offer the support to keep Jefferson school open,or for the CEED proposal, or Zoe Barnum.What gives?I do hope they make this a truly open process,and not just call it open because we have oversight of Security National,and their deeds.If the bidding only goes to them it's not open.It seems that former Harbor District candidate Maggie Herbellin has been touting about this EnviroForensics company out of Pleasanton,to come here and open some sort of culinary institute.Please correct me if I am mistaken.I really have little opinion to provide on that other than it sounds better than a Big Box,and massive retail ,in which most profits stay out of the county.I have just begun doing research on this EnviroForensics group,so I will post something on them soon,but I do know that they are packed financially.What favors do they want in return?How much income will stay here? Do they pay,and provide living wage benefits to their employees?These questions all need to be asked no matter who gets to bid.